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Napa Valley inspired decor for your custom wine cellar

Napa Valley inspired wine cellar decor
Napa Valley inspired wine cellar decor

A custom wine cellar decorated with touches of Napa Valley-inspired décor can become one of your favorite places in your home. Today's wine cellars are areas of the home to show off and even where you can do some entertaining. By infusing your wine cellar with a decorative plan infused with elements of California's pristine wine lands, you can give your wine cellar a decided Napa make-over that will complement your home in some splendid ways.

Installing Your Custom Wine Cellar

If you already have a wine cellar for your home, you know what an enjoyable feature it can be. If you are contemplating a wine cellar addition to your home, you'll find that there are various ways to incorporate this feature into your home's floor plan. While an elaborate wine cellar and area dedicated to the celebration of wine and entertainment can be a charming part of the home, even a modest wine cellar can provide the area you need to store your wine and to decorate with some inspiring Napa accents.

Inspiration from Nature

When decorating your wine cellar in the Napa style, be sure to include some natural elements. Many of Napa's most celebrated wineries are known for their relaxed and comfortable sophistication. The décor always seems to leave space for nature to be included. To that end, you might feature grapevine art on the walls or even on a wine cabinet. You might employ a talented artist to design a custom wall mural as a backdrop for your bar area or somewhere in the wine cellar where it can be appreciated. A Napa vineyard makes for a lovely mural that will transform this part of the home into a most singular space.

Rustic Décor

One of the interesting features of Napa Valley is that it pairs sumptuous elements with rustic elements. For instance, it would be out of place for a Napa winery to boast a foyer with richly upholstered seating with a driftwood coffee table. For your Napa-inspired wine cellar, you can also blend the richly polished items with rustic components. For instance, a café-style table set might feature velvet cushions while the floor boasts rustic knotty pine boards. This marriage of two styles is seen in many of Napa's wineries.

Crisp and Clean

As pristine as a lovely glass of Chardonnay, your version of Napa décor might be an airy nook that boasts few accents save those that complement a clean and crisp look. Consider white curtains and tablecloth paired with marble or faux marble floor tiles and just a few accents such as a painted mural of an olive tree along with some rustic baskets filled with ivy.

Decorators might also think of their favorite Napa winery and its décor or take design queues from the vineyards themselves. You'll love your own little corner of Napa Valley right in your home. Once you install adequate storage for your wine, you can add those features that make you think of Napa Valley in all its grandeur. Be sure to page through books about Napa Valley and let see what inspiration you can draw from photos of the gorgeous landscapes and the renowned wineries.

Alex Thompson is an experienced photographer and interior designer. Sources for this article can be found at Feel free to connect with him over at Google+ to learn more about the author.

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