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Napa Valley entertains Los Angeles

Napa Valley entertains Los Angeles
Napa Valley entertains Los Angeles

What do you get when you place thirty vintners, 600 guests and a beautiful facility together on a wonderful Los Angeles evening? Not surprisingly, you get a great event, happy wine lovers and the opportunity to taste some fabulous Napa Valley wines.

This is exactly what happened on April 30 at the Los Angeles Ebell Club. Napa Valley Vintners presented an exciting tasting opportunity to over 600 wine lovers. The theme, “Around Napa Valley in 80 Sips”, set the scene for the evening. Wineries from Napa, large and small, presented their recent offerings to the assembled guests.

The setting, the beautiful Ebell Club, was set up with an entry area and two large rooms. After accessing the entry area, guests had the opportunity to move between the rooms to sample more than 100 wines during the evening. Along with the fabulous wine samplings, hors d’oeuvres were served throughout the evening.

Roaming through the rooms, the samples ranged from delightful and complex reds to some of the lighter summer offerings. The biggest challenge when subjected to such a variety is to keep accurate track of the different wines and wineries.

Some of the favorites I encountered came from Silverado Vineyards. Silverado presented several Cabernet Sauvignons which I considered to be outstanding. Full of flavor, complex and mysterious, they generously blossomed on the palate. Overall, they presented an outstanding to taste several fine wines.

Napa Valley Vintners and Bottlenotes will be presenting Taste Around Los Angeles, a wining and dining event at a host of Los Angeles’ finest restaurants. From May 5th to May 18th, diners can sample Napa Valley wines while enjoying a great meal at some of the best dining places in the city.

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