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Nap Nanny blamed for five infant deaths

Nap Nanny blamed for five infant deaths
Nap Nanny blamed for five infant deaths
AP photo/The Consumer Product Safety Commission

Federal watch dog Consumer Product Safety Commission has filed a complaint against the makers of Nap Nanny seeking to halt any further sales of the product as well as an order requiring the company to notify the public of the risks of using their product. The Nap Nanny, is a recliner with a three-point harness, designed to be used on the floor. The purpose of the recliner is to provide a better sleeping experience for newborns and fussy babies that dont like sleep flat on their back, it also helps relieve the symptoms of reflux and colic by keep their head and upper body higher than their belly and lower body. In many ways it mimics a car seat. The CPSC has received in total over 70 reports of infants falling out of the recliner.

The company that makes this product Baby Matters LLC of Berwyn, Pa., went out of busines a month ago, but still have an up to date response to this issue on their site . They are not acknowledging fault or accepting responsibilty for the injuries and deaths that have been linked to their product. According to the statement on their site they "do not believe the complaint has merit and stand behind the safety of our product when used as instructed" Although they have participated in voluntary recalls in the past for the previous generation Nap Nannys, they believe the 3 point harness on the recliner is sufficient to keep a child in place. According to their defensive and some what bitter response on their site, they believe the deaths and serious injuries were caused as a result of misuse, since some parents were usuing the nap nanny in a crib, without using the harness, despite the company's express statement that this should only be used on the floor.

The CPSC however insists that they are at fault for several reasons; because they failed to put adequate warnings, because the harness was too difficult to adjust so many parents used it without the harness and also because placing the foam recliner in a crib is considered a "reasonably foreseeable use" of the product. All in all, they are completely unapologetic, and have put the blame solely on the users of the product and the CPSC. They are instead blaming the CPSC for their business shutting down and the loss of 22 American jobs. This is an unfortunte story for all involved.