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Naomi Wolf on childbirth and Fascism

Books by Naomi Wolf - continued Misconceptions

Naomi Wolf
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Misconceptions is about Naomi Wolf’s experiences with childbirth. She also talks about how women should go back to the days of midwives where women generally treated other women. She is not in support of C-section which is becoming more and more common in America as an option for childbirth.The End of America

This is a commentary on fascism. Naomi Wolf gives what she feels are ten steps to destroy a democracy and heralds in the rise of fascism. This plan was used in Nazi Germany. She says we have seen the emergence here in America after 911. The book was adapted into a documentary here in America and shown in the UK. The film can be viewed by Americans at As a Canadian I cannot view it.

There are critics such as Mark Nuckols of the Russian Academy of National Economy who wrote in the Atlantic that, “Wolf draws false historical parallels based on highly selective and misleading citations.”

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