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Naomi Wolf - Beauty and female adolescent promiscuity

Two books by Naomi Wolf

Naomi Wolf
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The Beauty Myth continued from the post Naomi Wolf on female beauty

The Beauty Myth did not go over very well with the mainstream reviews but was heralded by feminists such as Gloria Steinem and Germaine Greer.

However, Camille Paglia was against her work stating that the statistics was faulty and Naomi Wolf was out of touch with reality. This criticism fostered many a debate amongst these two feminists.

Similarly, Jennifer Baumgardner stated Naomi Wolf’s stats on anorexia affecting women (150,00o women) was grossly inflamed whereas she quoted 100 women and that too was criticized for being too low.

Promiscuities: The Secret Struggle for Womanhood

This book takes a look at adolescent promiscuities. Naomi Wolf maintains that here are tons of literature about the male coming of age but the female sexuality has been hidden. At the same times she says that society views females as more carnal than men.

Very little is reported accurately about female adolescent sexuality. She says it is time women reclaim their own sexuality. Women should no longer be considered either a “Virgin or a Whore”

The critics both reviled the book and praised it. Two different reviewers for the New York Times gave totally opposite reviews. On the other hand The Library Journal disliked the book stating that Naomi Wolf took a middle class liberal focus and tried to apply this research to generalizations made across the board.

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