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Naomi Wolf: Activist and feminist

Feminism Recap - Naomi Wolf

Naomi Wolf
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Generally speaking Naomi Wolf is against abortion, she does not like the taking of human life but she feels that it should be legal and necessary in some circumstances. She writes, "Abortion is an issue not of Ms. Magazine-style fanaticism or suicidal Republican religious reaction, but a complex issue.”


Naomi Wolf argues that pornography has deadened the interest of young men towards real women who cannot live up to the porn stars.

Naomi Wolf and Muslim women

Naomi Wolf visited and sat with women in Muslim countries and says although the West view the dress code of Muslim women to be oppressive Muslim women do not see it that way. They see it as a religious construct and the proper division between public and private dress.


Naomi Wolf was arrested and detained for her part in the Occupy Wall Street protests. Wolf maintains the government had violently dealt with the protesters, with canister missiles directed at the heads of protesters, detaining people until they wet themselves, using handcuffs so tight that protesters were injured, all of which is not accepted in a democracy.

Naomi Wolf continues to be a powerful force to be recognized in feminism and social activism.

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