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Nantucket Prime: a new Nantucket steak house

NY Strip
NY Strip

Nantucket Prime is the newest restaurant to open in the Jared Coffin House’s restaurant space, which has been empty for the past three years. This new restaurant has been open for just a week or two, and has a single large dining room, and a smaller private dining room behind. This is an elegant, white table-cloth restaurant with a friendly and hard working staff that did their best to serve us well.

NY Strip Steak, cut open

The menu is typical of classic East Coast steak houses where everything is ala carte and priced as high as the market will bear. There are really only 5 steaks:

  • Steak frites (hangar steak) - $32
  • 18 oz Bone in NY Strip - $58
  • 9 oz Filet of Beef - $39
  • 14 oz 50 Day Dry Aged NY Strip - $48
  • 16 oz Boneless Ribeye $65

There are also 3 non steak entrees:

  • Baked Stuffed 1.5 lb lobster - $49
  • Creekstone Farm Big M-Ack - $15 (this is presumably a hamburger that comes with fries and American cheese)
  • Nantucket Prime Lobster Roll - $28

Side dishes include a Loaded Baked Potato for $7 and Frites for $5. And there are six sauces available for $3 each:

  • Salsa Verde
  • Bordelaise
  • NP Steak Sauce
  • Roquefort Butter
  • Horseradish Butter, and
  • Brown Butter Béarnaise

Among the appetizers are a raw bar, including a $62 Shellfish Tower, 3 normal salads for $10-$12 and two containing lobster for $20 and $25.

Other appetizers include Shellfish minestrone ($10), Parker House Ross ($5), Scallop Crudo ($16), Lobster Hush Puppies ($15) and Tempura Fries Soft Shell Crab ($15).

As you can see you order everything individually. If you want bread before dinner, you order it. If you want sauces with your steak, or mushrooms, they are extra. Potatoes are extra as well, and asparagus and carrots are also available.

We ordered the 14 oz strip ($48) and the 9 oz Filet ($39) along with the loaded baked potato ($7) and the Frites ($5). For appetizers we tried the Iceberg and Roquefort Salad ($12) and the Lobster Hush Puppies ($15).

The Roquefort salad was iceberg lettuce with pears, walnuts, tomatoes and bacon, and was very good indeed, but easily enough for two: it was absolutely huge. The lobster hush puppies were hot and spicy and pink inside, but any sign of lobster was limited to bits of pink color. The flavor, however, was excellent.

The NY Strip was properly juicy and served medium rare as we requested. It had a very nice flavor and was perfectly prepared. The 9 oz Filet was extremely tender but, as expected, less intensely flavorful than the strip. Both steaks were delivered with a free and excellent tomato dipping sauce.

The loaded potato was a baked potato was bacon, sour cream, and chives. It is pretty much the same thick cut bacon served in the Roquefort salad, so you might decide whether you want this to repeat. The $5 Frites (French fries) were freshly prepared: a real rarity on the island these days and were absolutely delicious.

Incidentally the waitress began to tell us of two other steak specials that were, we think, 42 oz and 50 oz, but since we didn’t bring our neighbors along we declined to hear about them or their presumably proportionately larger prices. She admitted that these were really for sharing and not suitable for two anyway.

Surprisingly, our request for salt and pepper was met with reluctance as the waitress said she promised “not to tell the chef.” As it happened the steaks were perfectly salted and she brought by a pepper mill that was sufficient.

Nantucket Prime is a really good example of a classic high-end steak house, but you should expect to pay a lot of money to eat there, especially with their ala carte pricing. Our bill with 3 drinks and tax, but before tip was $171.

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