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nanoblock BIYW competition, tiny pieces make for big creations

nanoblock, tiny pieces big competition
nanoblock, tiny pieces big competition
Ohio Art

Many children love to build. For the more creative builders, the challenge is to build bigger, more imaginative creations to impress. For the more determined, designs with tiny blocks and great detail exhibits both their talent and creativity. The nanoblock Build It Your Way Competition is the chance for builders be rewarded for their skills.

Nanoblock is the world's smallest building block system. These blocks are super tiny and require both patience and skill to build the detailed creations. Nanoblock features a patented double-feather design to lock micro-sized pieces firmly together. This feature allows for very realistic creations featuring significant detail and design. From fighter jets to animals, these detailed, shrunk models require a keen eye and a love of building.

The contest, nanoblock Build It Your Way Competition, sponsored by The Ohio Art Company, invites nano-enthusiasts to participate in the inaugural competition. The winner will be crowned TATSUJIN: Master of nanoblock. In addition to the title, the winner will receive a family vacation, a free iPod nano and a year-long supply of nanoblock pieces.

“Our nanoblock line is a fan favorite with kids, parents and collectors all over the world,” says Martin Killgallon, Vice President, The Ohio Art Company. “Through our contest, we hope to encourage our fans of all ages to participate and continue to expand their imaginations beyond the limits so that they too can become Tatsujin the Japanese phrase for ‘Master’ of nanoblock.”

The Build It Your Way Competition is open until September 1, 2014. Parents/applicants can upload a photo of their original nanoblock creation in one of two categories, under 500 pieces and over 500 pieces. There is no limit to the number of submissions per applicant. Submissions are accepted at and complete rules can be found at that website.