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Nano Falcon RC Helicopter, small in stature big in fun

Nano Falcon RC Helicopter, Guinness World Record holder
Nano Falcon RC Helicopter, Guinness World Record holder

Men and kids are fascinated with items in flight. Some people could spend hours staring into the clouds dreaming of twists, drops and weightlessness in the air. With the Nano Falcon RC helicopter, flight fanatics can take flight from the comfort of the couch.

Nano Falcon, helicopter in the palm of your hand
Nano Falcon

The Nano Falcon has been certified by the Guinness Book of World Records to be the World's Smallest RC Helicopter. While this helicopter may be small in stature, it is huge on flying fun. At just 82 mm and less than 11 grams, this indoor helicopter can fly up and down, forward and backward and left and right. With all the technology of larger models, the Nano Falcon provides hours of flying fun.

The smaller size of this RC helicopter makes for fun indoor play. While relativity sturdy, a carpeted area works best for landing. The softer landing area helps to protect the helicopter blades. Even with gyro directional stabilizer and variable speed rotor, landings take a little practice. After a few attempts, the pilot can become proficient.

Nano Falcon would make a great Father's Day gift, teenager or avid pilot. The uniqueness of the size paired with the superior technology makes for a fun toy that never gets boring.

The Nano Falcon is created by Silverlit and can be purchased at a variety of retailers. It retails for approximately $39.99.

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