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Nanny who wouldn't leave: Diane Stretton makes offer to Bracamonte family

There are some new developments in the bizarre story out of California regarding the nanny who wouldn't leave after being fired. Diane Stretton is the 64-year-old woman at the center of the strange story, and now it seems she may have come to an agreement with the family who hired and fired her. People shared the details on Sunday.

Diane Stretton is the nanny who wouldn't leave the Bracamonte home
Screencap via ABC News vide

Ralph and Marcella Bracamonte had hired Stretton in March to live in their home and be a nanny for their three children. While things went well initially, Stretton started to slow down and things got worse each week. The family ended up firing her, but she refused to move out of the home.

The Bracamonte family went to the police, and they were told that this was a civil manner. They've been working for some time now to get her to move out of the home, but she has refused. They are working on things via legal paperwork, but Stretton is doing whatever she can to make things difficult, it seems.

Things took a bit of a turn on Friday when Stretton finally left the home, but her belongings stayed behind. ABC News shares that the nanny who wouldn't leave did depart the home, and she ended up at the police station. She thought she was being followed, and it seems there was a photographer folling her. She then hid in her car for hours.

Stretton has threatened to sue the family for wrongful firing and elder abuse. Now it's been discovered she's got a long history of filing other nuisance lawsuits. She is even listed on the Vexatious Litigant List in California, a list comprised of people who have been found to bring repetitive or frivolous lawsuits. Many of her previous suits even involve family members.

The nanny who wouldn't leave now says she will indeed leave the Bracamonte home, but only on her terms. They key detail is that she says she'll be out by July 4. The family scoffs at that, saying that they have a vacation planned that will have them leaving the home on July 2. It seems they think Stretton is angling to lock them out of their home, and given all that has transpired, it is easy to see why they don't like this proposal.

Marcella and Ralph Bracamonte hired Stretton off Craigslist, but they say they did try to check into her before letting her in their home. While they called references, they didn't do a credit check. It seems they learned some valuable lessons in this one, giving Diane Stretton's history of filing lawsuits as well. Will the nanny who wouldn't leave finally vacate her room at the Bracamonte house and let go of this bizarre fight? It sounds like progress is being made, but she's not making it easy.

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