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'Nanny Staters', taxes and spending: 'Oh My!' Democrats in the NH House

Nanny Staters, taxes & spending: Oh My!
Nanny Staters, taxes & spending: Oh My!

If you don’t have the intestinal fortitude to listen to floor votes in the New Hampshire House of Representatives, no one can blame you. This week was exceptional as House Democrats chose to tax, spend and act like Granite Staters’ nannies. The following is a rundown of some of the insanity brought forth by the party who promised they’d focus on jobs and the economy (the 2 most important issues to New Hampshire voters) during their election campaigns.

On Wednesday, Democrats brought forth a bill that would ban tanning for anyone under 18 unless they had a doctor’s note. Apparently the ‘Nanny Staters’ in the House figure they can parent better than actual parents. This bill was killed when the point was brought up that teens would be able to get abortions but not go tanning.

Yesterday Democrats voted a paint ‘tax’ for recycling paint that will cost small businesses and consumers more money for paint. All this for special interests and some shadowy group that will take control over the recycling. The bill didn’t even go through the proper channels in the House as it should have go to the Ways and Means Committee but Democrats don’t let stinkin’ rules get in their way.

On Wednesday Democrats voted to open a Pandora’s Box of a budget nightmare by allowing the Department of Health and Human Services to get $7 million of last year’s budget surplus back into their $4 billion budget. DHHS apparently can’t cut a tiny percentage of their ginormous budget anywhere. The State Treasurer wanted the money to go into the ‘rainy day fund’ because the fund is completely underfunded and needs to be around $70 million. It’s currently only at $9 million.

To top that one, on Thursday Democrats voted to pay a lawsuit that was settled by special interest groups against the DHHS because they cut services for people rather than cutting their bureaucracy. Democrats voted to use money (3/10ths of 1% of their budget) that New Hampshire doesn’t even have yet based on potential future budget surpluses. Of course, DHHS could find this in their huge budget but God forbid the largest budget sucker in New Hampshire actual cut waste and inefficiencies out of their budget. Democrats will just have the taxpayers pay even more.

The big kick in the face to taxpayers came on Thursday when Democrats voted to ‘study’ EBT (welfare benefits) users being allowed to purchase alcohol and tobacco with their EBT cards. They shove through a tax on paint but have to study whether or not people on welfare should be allowed to purchase alcohol and tobacco with the taxpayers’ hard-earned money? This one is a no brainer but then again, one must have brains to vote common sense bills into law.

These are just a few of the bills that Democrats tried to pass and/or did pass this week in the House. Not one of these bills will help jobs or the economy. Frankly it’s unclear if Democrats have pushed even one bill that will be beneficial to jobs or the economy in New Hampshire. These ‘do-nothing Democrats' have done absolutely nothing to bolster the Granite State economy but have certainly done a lot of things to hurt the economy. For a party that ran on jobs and the economy they have clearly lost their way becoming nothing but ‘Nanny Staters’, taxing and spending their way through the State House.

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