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Nanny disappears: Live in nanny refused to leave, takes control then vanishes

A nanny disappears after she first refuses to leave a home and essentially takes control of it. Diane Stretton, a 64-year-old live in nanny, was at first a welcome member for the Bracamonte family of California; however, the business relationship soon turned sour and Stretton was fired. However, the woman refused to leave and began making the home her own, saying that it wasn’t “legal” for her to be forced to move out. Now, however, ABC News has confirmed this Saturday, June 28, that Stretton suddenly vanished from the house and has not been heard from since.

Live in nanny is refusing to leave the home after being fired
Wikimedia Commons

After weeks of feeling like prisoners in their own home, the Bracamontes have had their resolute nanny disappear in a sudden flash. The family said that they were being threatened by a former live in nanny, Diane Stretton, who argued she was going to sue them because they were trying to kick her out after firing her. They had hired the woman back in early March to watch over the couple’s three children, but alleged that she stopped working less than a month into her position.

Ralph and Marcella Bracamonte revealed to local news reporters that they had hired Diane Stretton, an experienced live in nanny by trade, because she had seemed friendly, capable, and with good recommendations. However, they soon fired her, saying she was failing to do her expected work. Yet even though she was fired, the woman never left their their home and took control of it as an unwanted tenant might. She adamantly stayed behind in the spare bedroom, “living in her room and coming out only to go to the kitchen to eat their food.”

The Bracamontes said that they were absolutely horrified to have her still saying in the house, with the family adding that they weren’t expecting this situation whatsoever.

“We’ve done it before and have never had a problem,” Marcella Bracamonte told ABC News about the live-in nanny refusing to leave. “I was a stay-at-home mom and thought it would be good to have someone around to help out … Then all of a sudden she stopped working, she would stay in her room all day and only come out when food was ready.”

According to an update from News Oxy, Stretton revealed to the couple that she had a medical condition that soon made it too difficult to do her daily chores. The Bracamonte family said that they were kind and supportive, and tried to make compromises with the soon-to-be disappearing nanny. However, the live in nanny refused to do the work expected of her, so she was eventually fired for ignoring her duties.

Yet when they asked her to leave, Stretton wouldn’t; instead, she took "control" of the home, eating food and not having any other interaction with the residents. They offered her a termination letter, but the woman would not sign it, saying it wasn’t “legal.” She began living in the house like a human parasite, said the family. That’s when the Bracamontes became truly worried. Even after calling the police, they were told there was nothing law enforcement authorities could do, as the case had become a civil issue.

This major problem was suddenly solved, however. The concerned family revealed to California news outlets that they woke up this week to find Stretton gone. The nanny disappears surprise has come as a welcome shock to the family, but a shock nonetheless. Some of her belongings are still in the home, but she has shown no signs of returning so far. The woman essentially vanished.

“She left around 7 a.m. yesterday morning and she never came back,” Marcella Bracamonte recently told ABC News. “I have no idea where she goes. I don’t know what happened.”

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