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Nancy Levin discusses her book Jump...And Your Life Will Appear this Saturday

Nancy Levin will appear this Saturday at the Hay House event I Can Do it! 2014 Ft. Lauderdale to discuss her book Jump...And You Life Will Appear. She will speak in the afternoon and as an author and life coach, her presentation will be helpful if you are looking to transform to your best and highest self. Nancy Levin is a Certified Integrative Coach trained at the Ford Institute for Transformational Training. She is also the Event Director at Hay House, Inc. A poet since a child, Nancy Levin wrote her first book Writing For My Life after the end of an eighteen year marriage. Her story is one of resilience and overcoming and it is raw and pure. In her blog she gives a perspective on change:

Nancy Levin Author, Poet
Nancy Levin website

Change can be a struggle for each of us. Some of us are stuck saying yes. Some of us have trouble saying no. Some might need to be able to put up a boundary, and others might need to leap to a new career. Whatever change you might need to make, I hope that you will allow me to walk you though it with the steps in my book.

Allow yourself a metaphoric walk with Nancy Levin at the next Hay House event here in South Florida this weekend.Allow yourself to expand! The website says in the book you will

Learn to:

Set Boundaries: Many of us have an inner dialogue that tells us we’re not enough, that we’re not lovable. Refusing to set healthy boundaries is one of the primary ways we express that belief. If we want to live fulfilled lives, however, we have to let go of the belief that the needs and opinions of others are more important or valid than our own.
Ask for Help: Learn how to change your thinking around asking for help. Understand how receiving is also giving.
Let Go of Your Superhero Cape: Nancy shows you how letting go of a “gold star” mentality and shedding the superhero cape actually brings more abundance and love into your life.
Let go of FEAR: The goal is not to arrive at a destination but to get to the point where your whole life is one big leap. Life is like a video game—the reward for winning one level is an even harder level. You simply become more comfortable with trusting the unknown and the invitation to change. [excerpt taken from]

Tickets are going fast for this powerfully packed weekend of transformation. You can purchase tickets at

The conference brochure promises to:

share strategies and techniques with you for developing and deepening you relationships, spirituality, health, wealth, intuition, self-esteem and passion.

Join Nancy Levin as well as, Dr. Brian Weiss, Cheryl Richardson, Anita Moorjani, Dr, Christiane Northrup and many others for this amazing event.

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