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Nancy Grace weighs in on ‘Dance Moms’ brawl: Kelly Hyland shouldn’t sue?

Nancy Grace weighs in on 'Dance Moms' drama
Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Nancy Grace is an attorney and celebrity who dissects everything that has to do with high profile cases so it can’t be a surprise that she has weighed in on the Dance Moms lawsuit between Kelly Hyland and the producers of the show. What might be a surprise is where Nancy Grace stands. According to the International Business News, the HLN network star is on Team Abby Lee Miller as she doesn’t feel that Hyland’s lawsuit has merit.

The issue discussed on television with Kelly Hyland’s attorney was the $5 million lawsuit against Abby Miller and the show's production company, alleging assault, defamation and breach of contract. Michael R. Shapiro, Hyland's lawyer, says the suit was to protect the children of Hyland.

Perhaps Nancy Grace wasn’t buying into the theory as she blasted the reality star’s lawsuit even though Kelly Hyland wasn’t part of the interview. Suggesting that the lawsuit was only a concern after the allegations of criminal actions were involved, Grace hinted it should have been brought up the moment it happened instead of after an alleged argument on the show.

Thinking there is little to no merit on the lawsuit, it’s pretty obvious that Nancy Grace feels that Kelly Hyland isn’t doing what is best for the kids, but best for the mother. So does this mean that Nancy is on Team Abby? Apparently so. Or, maybe Nancy Grace considers the idea of responsibility for children to be a job that comes before anything else.

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