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Nancy Grace on Heather Elvis case: The family's involvement 'spoke to me'

Friday, Jan. 18, marked the thirtieth day of the Heather Elvis case. She was last seen on Dec. 18 after she arrived home from a date. Her car was found Dec. 19, abandoned miles away at a landing on the Waccamaw River, and she hasn't been seen or heard from since. Her missing person story has gained national attention, her case profiled on HLN's "Nancy Grace" in early January. And still no sign of the 20-year-old...

Nancy Grace appeared on WPDE in Florence via satellite Friday, Jan. 18, doing an interview with the station's Allyson Floyd. She said that when she read about the Heather Elvis story, she had to get it on her show.

When asked if she had originally found out about the young woman's disappearance through the extensive coverage it had gotten on social media, Grace noted that she had not, that she actually came across the story on her own as she "scoured the Internet" at home, looking for interesting stories on murders, the missing, and other topics her audience might be interested in.

It was during one of these web forays that she "found Heather Elvis missing. Only after -- that night it was about midnight -- I sent it to the staff: 'Let's do this tomorrow.' Somebody on the staff wrote me back and said, 'Guess what? We've gotten a lot of e-mails about this.' I had not personally gotten them when I found the story."

Floyd noted that Nancy Grace had also profiled the Brittanee Drexel story, where a 17-year-old New York girl enjoying Spring Break in Myrtle Beach in 2009 without her parents' permission went missing. "What about these two cases made you say, 'We do need to help here. We need to ask for some tips.'?"

"What really touched my heart in both of those cases, Brittanee Drexel and Heather Elvis," Grace replied, her voice growing thick with emotion, "is that the parents were out making personal pleas to help. And when I saw that -- I thought I knew all about crime. My fiancé was murdered just before our wedding. But now that I've had the twins, I cannot imagine the heartbreak a parent goes through when their child -- forget the age of the child, right? -- when their child goes missing and they hit a wall and they need help… That really spoke to me."

Grace said that one of the "main missions" of her show on HLN was to help find missing persons, "particularly teens and children -- and solving unsolved homicides."

The Heather Elvis case was profiled on "Nancy Grace" on Jan. 6 and 7. Grace said in the interview that they planned to spotlight the case on her show again.

She also revealed that Horry County authorities had told her that airing Heather Elvis' story on the show had generated hundreds of leads.

Unfortunately the search for the 20-year-old continues. Nothing as yet has seemed to pan out and point authorities in the direction of the missing woman.

The reward for information regarding the location of Heather Elvis stands at $25,000.

Updates on developments in the case and information regarding ways to help the family or aid in the search for the young woman can be found at FindHeatherElvis on Facebook.

Anyone with information regarding Heather Elvis, Brittanee Drexel or any other missing person are urged to contact the Horry County Police Department at 915-TIPS or email them at

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