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Nancy Grace calls Mickey evil, devil dog, says Pit Bulls ‘eat people’ (videos)

On March 18, 2014, HLN’s Nancy Grace covered the controversial story of Mickey the Pit Bull and four-year-old Kevin Vicente. The case hails from Phoenix, Arizona, and focuses on a Feb. 20, 2014, incident where a babysitter watching Kevin somehow managed to lose track of the child long enough for five-year-old Mickey the Pit Bull to attack him while restrained on a chain.

Kevin Vicente before and after attack: Mickey the Pit Bull in custody.
Facebook, Vicente family photos

Reports say that Mickey attacked Kevin after the child went to grab one of his bones. The controversy surrounds what should happen to Mickey. He currently is in custody at the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control and a court hearing is scheduled for March 25, 2014, where Mickey’s fate will most likely be decided. Some feel that Mickey acted out of instinct and place blame on Kevin’s caregiver. Others argue that Mickey has proved to be violent and aggressive, therefore should be euthanized. Nancy Grace did not hold back her feelings and told audience viewers, and her guest members that Mickey was a “devil dog,” referred to him as “evil” multiple times and stated that pit bulls are a breed that “eats people.”

Click here to watch the video where Nancy Grace refers to Mickey the Pit Bull as an ‘evil’ dog, a ‘devil dog,’ and says that pit bulls eat people.

Here is a partial transcript and quote from Nancy Grace during her March 18, 2014, HLN episode.

Nancy Grace began by speaking to Gregg Paul, the news director for 960 the Patriot. She stated, “Nearly 100,000 people are supporting the dog, an evil Pit Bull that nearly killed a four- year-old little boy? I don`t understand, Greg.”

Grace hadn’t begun her interviews before she referred to the dog as “evil.”

The next remarks came when speaking with clinical psychologist Dr. Patricia Saunders. Apparently, Grace had invited the psychologist on to discuss the mentality of those who support saving Mickey’s life. Speaking to Dr. Saunders, Grace stated, “Dr. Patricia Saunders, clinical psychologist. How do we get -- where is Patricia? How did we get so bassackwards that people are actually defending the dog? I mean, Patricia, look at the child. I mean, if the dog instincts took over, then maybe the dog`s instincts could be better suited to be out in the wild and not around little children.”

It was then that the conversation took a side turn.

Dr. Saunders responded, “I disagree with you on that. I hold the owners responsible, even though they may have been in compliance with the law about containing the dog. It isn`t an evil dog. It`s an evil act by instinct. Because the boy is only four years old – “

Grace interjected, “It`s a devil dog. I don`t even know what you`re saying.”

Dr. Saunders sounded quizzical when she repeated, “A devil dog?”

To which Grace explained, “He ripped a child`s face practically off. Yes, devil dog, yes.”

Dr. Saunders again sounded mystified, “As in Satan?”

Grace responded, “As in take a look at this picture. And I know, I`ve seen your husband with about ten dogs at the end of a leash. I don`t know why I thought you might agree with me. “

Towards the end of the show, Grace clarified her views on Pit Bulls as a breed. She spoke to Dr. Saunders again and stated, “No. Actually, Dr. Patricia Saunders, I blame not only the humans but I blame the dog. I think the dog, a Pit Bull, is inherently dangerous. I`ve covered so many stories where they eat people. That`s why I don`t understand why this dog is out in a backyard on a chain without a fence. I don`t understand that. “

Did you see the interview? What did you think of Nancy Grace’s statements and comments? Do you agree that Mickey the Pit Bull is a “devil dog” or inherently evil? Do you believe that Pit Bulls are evil and want to “eat people?”

What are your thoughts?

Should Mickey live or die?

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