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NAMM 2014 Media Day

Pics from NAMM Media Day 2014
Pics from NAMM Media Day 2014
ROCKwell UnScene/Rockwell Anderson Media

NAMM: If you are in the music world you know that this convention is THE event for all musicians and vendors alike. Not open to the general public, NAMM is held twice a year - Summer NAMM held in Nashville, TN and Winter NAMM who’s home is The Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA. Wednesday January 22, 2014 was Media Day and we took a peek behind the curtain of the biggest and most prestigious gathering in the music world. In the words of Governor Mike Huckabee “NAMM is to musicians what the first day of heaven must be.”

Pearl Drums at NAMM 2014
ROCKwell UnScene/Rockwell Anderson Media

With fork-lifts beeping, boxes and crates filled with the latest and greatest music gear, it all made its way into and around the Anaheim Convention Center on Media Day. Vendors at NAMM range from top of the line music instruments to picks, cases, dj set-ups, banjos, horns, mandolins, drums...well you get the hint. Anything and everything you can imagine. With established vendors like Fender, Schecter, Carvin, EV, Peavey, and Sabian to newcomers to the business like Touchmark Guitars, NAMM has a place for them all.

Today, Wednesday Jan. 22 members of the media got a sneak peek at it all. With booths in the process of being put together, we had the opportunity to see what it really takes to make NAMM what it is. Some vendors even took time out of their setup to chat with media. Also on display for the media was a assembly of behind the scenes players at NAMM that included Brian Rothchild, President of NAMM. He gave a elegant overview of NAMM. He also reminded us that NAMM is a non-profit organization that is a main artery in the heart of the music world. One of their top goals is supporting youth music education. To speak on this were a few very special guests, Governor Mike Huckabee who plays bass and who is trying to keep music in the schools and Bernie Williams of New York Yankees fame. And then there was Art Alexakis Of EverClear. He performed “Santa Monica” acoustically but his reason for being on the panel is his work with the LACM (Los Angles College of Music) as a songwriting instructor. Art hails from the band EverClear and is now an educator of music for the future of music.

Also featured at this years NAMM show is the John Lennon Education Tour Bus. This bus is a non-profit 501(c)(3) state-of-the-art mobile audio and HD video recording and production facility. Touring around the country with 3 audio technicians available at all times, this bus appears at events and schools in the hopes of continuing and creating musical education for the masses. Yoko Ono herself has made the John Lennon Education Tour Bus a reality. After 17 years on the road this bus stays abreast of the most current technology in the music business as well as educating people it comes in contact with.

To sum it up NAMM is an event that matches musicians with the gear of their dreams, allows vendors to premier their latest and greatest gear, and helps educate the youth and adults. The event is a trade show that requires lots of hard work to make happen, but along with that hard work comes networking opportunities and potential deals that can realize the dreams of their dreamers. There’s always time set aside for good times at NAMM - it’s not all hard work and no play. Music events that are both for NAMM only attendee’s and others that are open to the public happen all over Orange County every night during NAMM. Stay tuned all week for more on NAMM at

Written by: Melissa Anderson,

Photo's by ROCKwell UnScene the MUSIC Magazine