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Nami, the Tidecaller released

The newest support champion to grace the league is now available!
The newest support champion to grace the league is now available!
Riot Games

The newest champion to be announced is finally here, and she's making it rain all across the Fields of Justice! Nami, the Tidecaller is a support mermaid with a lot of potential for everything from keeping your team alive to setting up easy kills, and if you act quickly, you can buy her now and bring a whole new level of competitiveness to the bottom lane.

Nami's abilities are as follows:

Surging Tides (Passive): Any time an allied champion is hit with one of Nami's abilities, they gain a brief boost to movement speed.

Aqua Prison: Nami fires a bubble water toward a target location; any enemy champion hit is dealt magic damage and lifted into the air inside a bubble for a brief time.

Ebb and Flow: Nami fires a surge of water which can target either an allied champion or an enemy champion. Enemy champions are dealt magic damage while allied champions are healed. If this ability hits an enemy champion, it will bounce to an allied champion, and if it hits an allied champion, it will bounce to an enemy champion. Bounces twice.

Tidecaller’s Blessing: Nami buffs an allied champion, giving their attacks bonus magic damage as well as a slowing effect.

Tidal Wave: Nami sends a crushing wave across the battlefield and straight into all enemies in her path, slowing their movement speed significantly. Those farther away are slowed for a more significant duration.

Nami's style of play is extremely fun and requires a lot of active thinking, because even her two strictly offensive abilities (Aqua Prison and Tidal Wave) boost your allies speed if they are touched by it. Aqua Prison could be fired at your enemies to stop them in their tracks, or at your allies to boost their speed in an escape. And this makes Tidal Wave even more monstrous - the ability can slow your enemies significantly and provide your team with just the boost they need to catch up and destroy them.

Her ability to both heal and cause immense damage and set up your team for fantastic initiations makes Nami the deadliest kind of support - the kind that you can't afford to ignore, even with a Vayne and an Ahri shredding your team.

Check out Riot's Champion Spotlight for Nami here:

And for a limited time, get Nami and her Koi skin for 1492 RP - but beware, this discount vanishes back into the ocean after December 16th.


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