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Name that Toy!

Favorite "snake" toy
Favorite "snake" toy
Kaitlin Schneider

Both of my dogs have a favorite toy, but really whose doesn't? My dogs also happen to know the names of most of their toys which comes in handy when I don't feel like being the one to "fetch" them. Luckily, with enough repetition, this can be easily taught to your dog as well.

Training hints:
• Only work at "naming" one toy at a time
• Choose a simple word- SNAKE, BALL, PIG etc.
• Always refer to the toy using the same name
• Reward your dog for interacting with or fetching the toy for you
• Your dog will eventually associate the word with the specific toy and you can start "naming" another toy if you want

Naming exercises can be a great way to improve your pups "human vocabulary" as well as boost their IQ. These training tips can also be used to extend your dogs vocabulary onto other items such as: bowl/dish, leash, bed, car etc.


  • Jean 5 years ago

    Animals are often smarter than we give them credit for. I know this technique works with cats too. Thanks for the clear, step by step technique.

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