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Name Brands Are Not Best


Hello, once again.  Guess what!

I have been bargain shopping once again and am now more fervent on the policy of name brands are not, I repeat not better.  Every once in a while I get lucky.  Let's see what did I get that was name brand lately?  Total.  That's it. One measly box of cereal.  I bought fish sticks, french fries, and hamburger patties all in bulk and all store brand.  In this case it is the Springs own King Soopers. 

Their stuff isn't half bad, and I have found more than a dozen specially priced items in the meat dept. alone.  Granted the sushi is overpriced, but isn't all of it?

Side note.  The Great China Buffet on N. Academy is amazing.  It will give you the chance to try all sorts of things, but without the extra charges.  Don't go on Sunday, though, as they offer the same stuff, but almost double the price.  It is usually 6-7.50 unless you get soda, but I never do.

And now, back to our...uhhh. thing I'm doing.  

Speaking of fish sticks.  Why, people, do we have to buy tartar sauce for out fish products?  Her is the easy way to make it.

1 Cup Miracle Whip or mayo

1 cup sugar

salt and pepper

a little lemon juice  say 1 tsp.

and the kicker... A large dill pickle, finely diced.

That was easy now wasn't it?

Also in the realm of easy is mac and cheese.  It is ok to get the cheap stuff, just get a bag of cheap cheese as well.  When you add the butter and milk to the end product, replace half of that dairy with 8 oz.'s of grated cheese.  If you have a little extra cash, go for Havarti or Provolone.  OOOOOOOh, Fancy huh?

If you have a flair for the fancy, go all out and, dare I say it...?, add tuna.  And maybe some peas, or even hamburger, or bison, or....well I am getting a little carried away aren't I ?

The store name brands, for the most part offer exactly the same product as the name brands.  Generics, like in pharmacy meds, are sometimes  better bargains yielding more product as well.  Look at the labels next time.  Check for all of the important things.  Size, serving portions, and ingredients.  Seeeeee, it's the same thing.  Now go into the world with all I have taught you.  C'Ya


  • Phyllis Hammond 5 years ago

    This is a great resource for penny-pinched families trying to make it and still eat well. I've added a link to my own examiner page for my readers who would like to save money.

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