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Name Based reporting of new HIV Infections common in North Carolina

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New HIV cases in North Carolina are documented in a name based data base. While I feel this may be necessary it also causes problems in the area of disclosure. A person may appl for a job and disceetly disqualified due to medical issues. By law a person with HIV is not required to tell an employer their status, however many companies ask on the applicaton about illness, criminal history and credit history. You are not required to submit this information however by not doing so chances of landing a new gig is next to impossible. It is still not a crime to have HIV but it feels like it is for many who suffer discrimination through job loss, insurance denials, etc.. I have experienced the fallout from having HIV and it is easy to feel all doors closing behind you. This is why I write these articles to let people know the damage which HIV can do to your health, finances, self esteem and general well being. Until we as a society realize we are all prone to disease and injury we will continue to have suffering due to HIV. This illness called the new Leprosy is far from being cured, albeit the medical breakthroughs. With improved medications people will live longer but still suffer from the stigma attatched to the disease. Im not saying the breakthroughs are a positive aspect but does it solve the problem? In a nutshell no. HIV could be completely erradicated as far as people being newly diagnosed but it does nothing for the 33 million and 1.2 million infected worldwide and in the United States. Name based reporting is just another way of puting people in catorgories and minimilizing their chance for future success and peace of mind.