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Namaste the movie: Please help support deaf awareness and TBI survivors (VIDEO)

I am producing a film aimed at increasing deaf awareness and am asking for your help!

Namaste the movie: Please help support deaf awareness (VIDEO)
Dr. KC Kelly

I have started a monumental journey towards truly making a difference in this world and I would love for you to come along. I am working on an extremely important and inspirational film entitled Namaste, which is about overcoming adversity and pushing through some of life’s greatest obstacles to accomplish things one would never dream possible.

Inspired by true events, Namaste is an important, inspirational drama / romance about a young man’s experience surviving traumatic brain injury and complete hearing loss. He fights to overcome the obstacles he must face on his journey towards triumphant success in the music world. Ultimately, this film proves that anything is possible when you believe in yourself and when you learn to hear with your heart. Namaste shares deep raw emotion and genuinely depicts human triumph, while at the same time educates the world and increases awareness about traumatic brain injury and hearing loss!

The film will be shot in the South Florida area and we are offering amazing advertising/marketing opportunities for either local businesses or national businesses who help with sponsoring the film.

In addition, we are reaching out to generous and kind people like YOU. After understanding our project more, from reading about it on Kickstarter, you will hopefully decide to help get us into production with a monetary pledge in any amount.

With an incredible story, named actors and a phenomenally talented crew, this film plans to increase awareness about traumatic brain injury and deafness and to help inspire and motivate all people, that there shouldn’t be any limitations in life, despite any limitations.

SO many people need to hear the message Namaste sends, and even the smallest pledge will help. Please share our Kickstarter page, as we feel that, like the BMW… Namaste can sell itself.

If after reading the Kickstarter page and the FAQs listed there, you have any other questions, please feel to write to In addition, we offer some great rewards for people who kindly pledge money for helping to make this film a reality. You can also donate to the film right here on the page, by pledging through this secure PayPal link. The address you will use is This link takes you right to the PayPal page!

Thank you MOST sincerely!


Lastly, for anyone who knows this often perfectionistic doctor, writer and filmmaker (yes, that’s me), you know that I work extremely hard and diligently and will stop at nothing to reach my goals and to make a difference in this often difficult and challenging world. And if you didn’t know that about me, you know it now. Smiles and a huge thank you for your support!


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