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Naked violinist jailed in Portland: Naked bikers welcome, not naked violinist?

Naked violin player carted off to jail, but naked folks on bikes, are just fine!
Naked violin player carted off to jail, but naked folks on bikes, are just fine!

A naked man playing a violin in front of a downtown courthouse was asked to either get dressed or leave the area several times by the police. When the man refused after several warnings, he was taken into custody, but he didn’t go easily, according to ABC News on May 24.

The man refused to get into the squad car leaving police no choice but to pick up the naked man and carry him to the car. The man gave the name of Matthew T. Mglej, but police are not sure if this is his real name. He also said that he is 25 years old. No one got the name brand of the instrument the man was playing, but that wasn't important.

Portland is lenient with the public indecency laws during their famous naked bike race as long as the naked participants stick to the designated route. This man was arrested for showing his family jewels in public under their indecent exposure law.

So how come folks can get totally naked and ride through town without fear of being arrested, but a man playing a violin in his birthday suit gets hauled in? This hardly seems fair. It sounds as if the police may be discriminating against the violin music.

If they let bikers ride in the nude, they can’t be against nudity, so deductive reasoning would say the nudity wasn’t as much as a problem as his violin music was! It seems only fair if you let some folks go naked than you have to let other folks go without clothes, unless of course they are committing a crime in the nude, like a naked robbery.

According to The Republic today, Portland’s World Naked Bike Ride brings in 8,000 every year. None of the bicyclists get busted for letting it all hang out, so what is up with the naked violinist?

Portland does have a city code that forbids indecent exposure, so the police were within the law arresting the man. It is just that they turn their heads when nakedness on two wheels roll through the town, now why is that?

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