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Revealing the naked truth about body painting

Cee Lo Green spiced up his Grammy party with beautiful naked models body painted in animal print . They bounced up and down on a trampoline . TMZ reported a good time was had by all, including the ladies!

Body painting is wearable body art. It is trending and quickly growing in the creative world. Similar to other forms of body art , the human body is used as a blank canvas. Body art started prehistoric times and was a focus of tribal art for centuries.

Many companies are now using body art in product presentation and advertisement. Body painting opens the door to all creative avenues not used in the past. In the video above, Sports Illustrated models are featured in painted swimwear.

There are many questions as to the safety of the paints used. Water-based paints are made according to stringent guidelines. They must be non-toxic and can easily be washed away. Paints can be applied with airbrush, sponge, hands or artist brushes. In most artistic creations, more than one type of application is used.

The SYFY network Naked Vegas takes you behind the scenes of these creations. Red and her staff display the talent it takes to create this art form.

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