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'Naked Paddock' transports readers into adrenaline-fueled world of motorsports

Naked Paddock, by author MK Ducote, is the first book in a trilogy which is loosely based on stories gathered from behind-the-scenes of the professional race-car driving circuit. It is a world the author knows well, given that she is married to professional driver Chapman Ducote. Th novel, inspired by true events, gives it's readers a glimpse into the world of money, sex, ego, intrigue and ruthless competition that is modern auto racing.

Having seen the world, M.K. settled down to practice law and met her husband, Chapman Ducote, a professional racecar driver and entrepreneur with over 14 career podiums under his belt.
Naked Paddock

“I grew up sort of sheltered and was really shocked at what I saw in the world of motorsports,” Ducote said. Running into that world (and seeing it from an outsider’s eye), “not only shocked, but inspired me. Although I had seen the world, no single idea had ever captured my attention until I saw (the private side) of the auto racing world.”

Set on the stage of historic racetracks throughout the world, Naked Paddock introduces a life-like cast of colorful characters, as quirky and flawed as they are entertaining: talented young drivers, pushy agents, wealthy sponsors, fickle team owners, trophy wives, flag-girls and ambitious models.

“When I was writing I always left room for the characters to come to life and make their own decisions,” Ducote added. “when I look back and read the end of the book I can see how the characters have become less like the real people (they were based from) and more-so their own -– they really came to life.”

Appealing to both male and female audiences, Naked Paddock has something for everyone. The main subject matter, motorsports, contains enough grit, guts, heroism, risk, adrenaline, sex and speed to get any guy’s heart pumping. While at its core, playing to its feminine side, Naked Paddock is a tale of love developing between two seemingly unlikely main characters - a brilliant, wholesome doctor and an irreverent, playboy racecar driver. With the intimate knowledge of a real racing insider, M.K. Ducote gives the reader a backstage glimpse of international motorsports, and the secretive and rarified world of the rich, famous, and infamous, from exotic locales to haute couture.

Once her Le Mans family found out Ducote was writing a book about race life, “people would pull me aside (especially drivers) and would tell me stories about other drivers,” she laughed. The drivers ratted each other out to her and shared many juicy and highly embarrassing stories. Being around, “these talented men reminded me of the show Entourage,” Ducote said. “Here are these talented guys running around playing pranks on each other and since everything in motorsports is amplified (from egos to budgets), the jokes are all bigger too.”

At its heart, Naked Paddock can be pared down to one man. Attractive, daring and privileged, Coleton Loren is a professional racecar driver unaccustomed to setbacks who finds himself injured in the off-season. Charmed by his beautiful, yet bookish doctor, Camilla, he sweeps her into his world—a world of gossip and glamour that she never knew or dreamed of—as he fights to reclaim the top step of the podium.

Naked Paddock is published by Warchest Publishing, LLC and is now available at your favorite bookstore, on in softcover and eBook.

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