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Naked man flees Virginia bar, runs down streets, crashes into cars before arrest

Naked man flees police from Virginia bar.
Naked man flees police from Virginia bar.
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There was a strange scene happening in Arlington, Virginia, on the evening of Saturday, June 28, 2014, and it involved a naked man causing chaos. NBC Washington reported that a naked man was in a bar, ran outside, ran down the street, got into a car, crashed it, and then ran nakedly down the street again before he was finally arrested.

Around 8:00 p.m. on Saturday night, police were called and responded to Goody's bar in the Clarendon section of Arlington. The report they were responding to was that of a naked man in the bar.

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The man, only described as being in his 20s, ran away as soon as police got close to him and attempted to apprehend him. He ran out of Goody's bar and into the street.

By now, huge crowds had gathered outside in the street and on the sidewalks to watch the insanity.

After running down the street, he hopped into a car and started driving the wrong way down the street. Eyewitness reports state he hit a number of parked cars as he drove down the street.

Eventually, he crashed his car into another vehicle, and decided to jump out of it. This was when he ran naked down the street again, but the police were able to catch up to him and take him to the ground so they could handcuff him and take him into custody.

Police did say he is facing a wide number of charges, but did not give details as to what they were. Luckily, no-one was injured in the naked man chaos.

There is no word as to whether the man was drunk or under the influence of drugs of any sort. Some witnesses did state that they don't believe anyone was with him either because he was never seen talking to anyone and no-one showed up when he was arrested.

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