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"Nakation in a Box" is a great holiday gift idea

Perfect gift for the adventurous person who has everything.
Perfect gift for the adventurous person who has everything.
AANR (2009)

Thanks to L. A. Splash Magazine and AANR (The American Association for Nude Recreation), our gift-giving and day tripping interests have been brought to the mainstream and into full focus this holiday season. Looking for that ideal gift for a nudist (or wannabe nudist)? How about a “Nakation in a Box”? This $74 package is available through AANR and includes:

• The North American Guide to Nude Recreation: 240 pages of information about clubs, resorts, and beaches; tips for first-time visitors; plus a full-color, poster-sized travel map of AANR clubs across North America.
• Nakation towel: A 100% cotton terry towel proudly announcing "I'm on Nakation." 34" x 70," it's big enough to cover lounge chairs or stake out your corner of the beach.
• AANR's The Bulletin newspaper: One year of AANR's monthly full-color newspaper.
• Sunscreen: The AANR logo, SPF-15 sunscreen in a convenient single application packet.
• Window sticker: An easily removable dry cling window slicks with the American Association for Nude Recreation message. (Go on, stick one on your rental car—you know you want to!)
• Temporary tattoos: Non-permanent, easy-to-apply tattoos that state, "I'm in a Nakation state of mind!"
• Discounts: Savings and special first-visit offers good at many AANR clubs across the U.S. and Canada.
• Souvenir gift box: Your Nakation in a Box comes packaged in a souvenir box that makes it a perfect gift or conversation piece. When your friends ask, "Did you really?" show them the box and say, "Yeah, we really did!"
(AANR, 2009)

While this “Nakation” doesn’t necessarily strive to emulate the “Staycation” idea spawned by necessity from the thinner wallets of the recession, it remains true to the spirit. You can “Nakation” in your backyard or, if you’re lucky enough to live near the water, on a secluded strip of beach. Take a day trip to one of the great resorts, campgrounds or clubs featured in the Nude Recreation guide in your Nakation gift box!

L. A. Splash Magazine brought the Nakation idea to the general public by featuring the package in their “Holiday Travel and Leisure Gifts for 2009”. (Good for them!) See their entire list of ideas (most of them conventional, but interesting) on their website.

So, if you’re stumped for what to get your fun-loving friends or want to indulge in an adventure with your significant other, grab your debit card and take a dip into an experience like no other. (Your pals will like it so much better than a sausage and cheese gift box!)


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