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Naiveté, or the dumbing down of America?

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Americans tend to be gullible. Call it naïve. Call it uninformed. Call it stupid. Unfortunately, it’s prevalent. If Americans buy into more sugar being “less fat,” they will believe anything. When you preach or talk to the lowest common denominator, there will always be problems. Know your facts. Be informed.

  • When the “low fat” trend came around, how many people believed they could eat more cookies and not gain weight, if they were “low fat?” It only took one look at the packaging to see the calories were the same, it was just the ingredients that were different. Yet the trend has gone on for nearly 20 years.
  • When Obamacare was the leading topic of the 2010 election, how many people believed in the concept because they thought their family would save $2500 per year on insurance? How many more believed it would be free? What would have happened in 2010 if presidential nominee Mitt Romney had pushed for the facts? Instead of voters believing Obama spout the PolitiFact “Lie of the Year,” “if you like your insurance [doctor], you can keep it” maybe they would have woken up to the facts of how Obamacare would really be implemented and they wouldn’t be complaining now. It took nearly three years for the truth to come out.
  • Hillary Clinton is currently the front runner for the Democrats for the 2016 Presidential nomination. Do 63% of Democrats not know that Clinton said “what does it matter?” when talking about why four Americans died in Benghazi while she was Secretary of State? It wasn’t publicized in the mainstream press for nearly a year.
  • In December 2013, Barbara Walters commented “we thought Obama was going to be the next messiah.” How far away from religious teachings has our country gone when this statement doesn’t even receive backlash? Considering 78.4% of Americans consider themselves Christian, and another 4.7% are of “other religions” it’s amazing there was no outrage to Walter’s statement, but maybe her viewers just believe how she does and don’t question it.
  • During the 2008 Presidential election cycle, a rumor was started that Sarah Palin didn’t give birth to her own child, Trig, who was born with Down’s Syndrome. That rumor still floats around the internet, even though it isn’t true.
  • To hear the “news” on MSNBC, you would think Republicans were the party of racism. It’s obvious when they ridiculed Mitt Romney’s family Christmas photo, which includes an adopted black grandson, they have no idea how little they know of the party. Republican presidents appointed the first black member of the Supreme Court, the first black Secretary of State, and the first female black Secretary of State.
  • Take a look at the Common Core curriculum (an experiment put into place by “educational policy experts”) that is making its way into public schools across America. Education is no longer about teaching our children reading, writing, and arithmetic. It embraces the concept of “dumbing down” our children. Already, a full 19% of kids who graduate from high school can’t read.

These kinds of myths, theories, and dumbing down of America can win, or lose, elections, ranging from the local school board to the President of the United States. Facts should dominate the media, but with the media not practicing true journalism, those facts can be hard to come by.

When you hear incorrect information, whether it’s in your local paper, from friends, or on the “news,” do you do anything about it? Asking questions and knowing the facts can help hold America to the high standards that have been prevalent through generations and are currently missing. Obviously MSNBC and other major news sources have not been held accountable and now their shows reflect more of the current “blog” culture, where stories are more opinion than fact, than journalism.

You can make a difference. If you hear a lie, speak up. If you question something being touted as a fact, but don’t believe it, question it. Don’t be part of the dumbing down of America.

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