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Nair Hair Remover: Review

Nair Hair Remover
Nair Hair Remover
Nair via Ginae

Just recently, Nair Hair Remover has come out with a line of hair removal wax and depilatories which employ Moroccan Argan Oil. The oil is excellent for ultra-moisturizing, being nutrient-rich and has restorative capabilities as well. It helps to support skin health and beauty.

In fact, Nair is the only use at-home removal brand to feature the oil. Each product is also infused with Orange Blossom and the oil. These soothe and hydrates the skin.

Each of these may be used in the shower. However, the area to be shaved should be dry before you begin. Also convenient is the fact that results last longer than shaving. The exception to that is the Ultimate Roll-on-Wax, which can last up to eight weeks! It can be somewhat of a challenge to get the wax to the right temperature. But, after that is done, application is easy and it works well.

Received From Nair Hair Remover (the new Nair Moroccan Argan Oil line);

Shower Power and a Sponge (MSRP $8.99) (that resists runoff while you shower)

Sprays Away (MSRP $8.99) (that allows a no touch application with results that last days longer than shaving)

Ultimate Roll-On Wax (MSRP $10.99) (that features reusable cloth strips and can last up to 8 weeks)

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