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Nails and color: 2014 Trends

Nails have taken on a life of their own this season. The classic french manicure has now been remixed using a variety of shapes and colors. The traditional white tips have now been replaced with a diagonal french tips in a aray of colors. This season, bold and bright colors such as purples, turquoise, hot pinks and cool to dark blue hues have made their way off the runway on onto the nail bed. The half moon at the base of the nails is also a new version of the french manicure. The semicircle can painted in various colors for a dynamic contrast. Matte finishes and sheer nudes are also very clean and simple providing a more natural look to nails while glitter and bedazzling gives nails a festive pop. The biggest trend for 2014 is white nail polish. This can be worn solo or combined with geometric shapes and stripes using a different color. Nail art featuring two colors is also popular and over the top decals, appliques and nail waps provide a edgy and fun twist.

Nails shapes have been filed into perfection! Short and square, round and short nails are featured on the runway for 2014, however the stilleto nail which is the edgy pointed nail shape is still trending.

With so many colors and polishes to choose from its hard to decide what brand is right for you. Most salons and nail technicians are using brands such as OPI, Orly, Essie and ChinaGlaze as well as traditional Sally Hansen which is a timeless brand. Wet n Wild, NYC, Zoya are inexpensive brands that can fit any one's budget and come in many beautiful colors. Remember that the nail bed has to be treated before polished is applied. A basic manicure keeps nails healthy and strong. A nourishing base coat keep nails from splitting and becoming weak. Keep the cuticles trimmed and remember to use cuticle oil during the colder seasons. These tips will keep you nails fabulous and in great shape.

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