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Nail tip Tuesday: Properly remove nail polish

Nail polish remover.
Photo by: Janel Lucas

Do you ever have trouble removing your nail polish? Even after using a base coat, you may still experience polish stains on your nails or cuticles.

For some time, I stayed away from deeply pigmented polishes just to avoid dealing with the discouraging removal process. Then I realized, it wasn’t only the pigment of the polish, it was also the method I used to remove my nail polish that made the process a pain.

There’s more to properly removing polish than just applying remover to a cotton ball and hastily rubbing it onto the surface of your fingernails. Here are some tips on properly and efficiently removing nail polish:

  • Unroll and separate a single cotton ball into five pieces.
  • Allow the cotton ball pieces to sit on the surface of your nails for about a minute before wiping it off. The polish will likely slide right off, leaving little to no stains on or around your nails.
  • Remove using upwards, wiping motions (from cuticle to tip) so that you aren’t smearing nail polish into the crevices of your cuticles and the skin surrounding your nails, where polish is most likely to stain.
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