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Nail tip Tuesday: Cuticle care

Cuticle oil for maintaining healthy fingernails.
Cuticle oil for maintaining healthy fingernails.
Photo by Thos Robinson

Cuticle cutting is a common practice in nail care. Whether you go to the salon to get your manicures, or maintain your nails yourself, you are probably using a cuticle cutter or trimmer to groom your nails and get rid of dead cuticle skin.

Although cuticle cutting or trimming is a pretty routine practice, this simple step in your manicure procedure may be doing your nails and fingers more harm than good. The cons of cuticle cutting mostly come about when accidentally cutting too deep. This can be painful, cause the cuticles to bleed and on rare occasions even lead to infections.

Instead of risking this each time you get or do your manicure, opt for a cuticle pusher instead. You can use the cuticle pusher to gently push the excess cuticle skin off of the surface of your fingernails.

Cuticle pushers are an ideal alternative to cuticle cutters and trimmers and can help you to achieve healthier nails. Remember, after doing any type of work to your cuticles, you should always follow up with an oil or moisturizer.