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Nail tip Tuesday: Base coats

If you do your own manicures and regularly apply polish to your fingernails, then you should be familiar with base coats. The step of applying a clear base coat is one of the most important steps to maintaining healthy nails. It should be done prior to polishing your nails with the manicure color of your choice and even though it’s such a simple step, many people tend to skip it.

When you apply a base coat it may take your manicure a little longer to dry completely and it is a bit more work in the overall polishing process. Yet, these are just two delays that don’t compare to the many benefits.

Using a base coat:
Prevents nail polish from staining the surface of your nail
Makes the process of removing the polish easier
Lengthens the wear of your polish
Gives the polish color a smooth, even surface and
Protects your fingernails

Here is a link to one of my favorite nail products, Sally Hansen’s Triple Strong. I use this as a base coat and top coat for my nails. Keep in mind that you don’t have to get anything fancy or expensive, any clear nail polish can be used as a base coat.

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