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Nail Talk w/ Minx Masters & Celebrity Nail Stylists Naja & Lisa Logan

Lisa Logan, Lauren Mobley, and Naja
Lisa Logan, Lauren Mobley, and Naja

“Making Money with Minx!” was a nails class featured during the America’s Beauty Show 2011. Attendees were able to learn about pricing services, how to upsale, how to gain and retain new clientele, and troubleshooting techniques. Minx Masters and Celebrity Nail Stylists Naja and Lisa Logan led the class as well as a Minx certification class for certain participants. Receiving the opportunity to sit with these two wonderful professional ladies was very enlightening and a pleasure. We chatted for an hour or so on an array of nail topics such as trends, their upcoming plans, education, and professionalism when being a celebrity manicurist.

Lisa Logan and Naja

1. What trends do you see for the upcoming Spring/Summer seasons?

Naja: I see a lot of super super hot pinks, oranges, and yellows. CND’s Rock Royalty (new Shellac color) has been popular as well as Deborah Lippman new yellow polish that Lady Gaga wore on the Grammy’s. Misa and Chanel polishes have some great colors. I really like Ginger & Liz’s Caution and Going Back to Cali.

Lisa: A lot of magazines are requesting purples right now. Lancome has an upcoming purple polish that came out at the Chris Benz show last year but it’s just catching on with consumers for the Spring season. Mary J. Blige has worn Ginger & Liz’s Caution a couple of times now. Blues and oranges are going to be big too.

2. What advice can you give beginners in trying to get their freelance business off the ground?

Lisa: You need professional photos that show a range of clean to exaggerated nail art. The pictures should show the “art way” and also the “salon way”. On set you must be an excellent polisher and be able to give your input on the vision because that goes a long way.

Naja: It’s important to get professional photos. The photo as a whole is important including the hair and makeup. Craig’s List is a good place to look for test shoots. As Lisa said, it’s important to have a range and understand the differences between magazines and advertisements (i.e. Target advertisements). Each area looks for something different. The photos have to give different options. Salon work and on set work is totally different. You must remember to be respectful at all times.

3. What was your inspiration to join the nail industry?

Lisa: It was a life change decision. I had a young child and my sister had a friend that opened a salon and needed to train individuals in acrylics then basic manicures. It became a passion and I wanted to be great at it. I refused to use a drill initially.

Naja: I was a trained chief. I went to culinary school. I wanted a new job to wear my own clothes. I went to Catholic school then culinary school and always had uniforms. When I worked a desk job at a spa, I decided nails would be lucrative on Sundays and Mondays since most people were off.

4. What big/exciting plans do you have for the upcoming year (2011 and 2012)?

Lisa: I have my new Minx lines that debuted and looking forward to more designs to follow. I’m collaborating with Naja on classes for putting together portfolios and mobile businesses because of increased interests.

Naja: I hoping to debut my Minx line at Premier Orlando. I’m doing Nail Talk Radio, Nail Talk TV, educating/speaking on the side, and teaching classes with the focus of elevating the nail industry. I’m also writing a book on finding one’s worth with a possible title, “Money, Minx, Manicuring” that will be released one day.

5. How long have you been in the nail industry?

Lisa: 16 years

Naja: 7 years

6. Where does your inspiration come from for nail art?

Naja: Your nails (laughing). I’m inspired by everything.

Lisa: Anything. For example, a pillow case helped inspire one of my Minx designs. The Black and white eclipse Minx design was inspired by a pair of men’s underwear.

7. When it comes to clients, do they usually have a complete idea of the type of nail design they want with minx or do you both collaborate to create what’s best? Are there any moments where you convince clients to try a design that they may be afraid to wear initially?

Lisa: There are endless possibilities. I used to travel with 400+ polishes but if I know the client and what they like, I pick a wide range of colors I know they will like. I’m always over prepared. I recently took Gelac to an appointment with Beyonce and had to mix the neon soak offs to be pastel colors to her liking. I pull a rabbit out of my hat every time for every appointment.

Naja: I kind of lead to certain colors and make suggestions. For shoots, they have mood boards.

Thanks to Lisa and Naja for allowing me the opportunity to chat with them! Visit Lovely's Instinct Beauty Channel for more beauty news, tutorials, and reviews.


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