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Nail shapes: Sqaure, round, almond and stiletto

There is a bigger emphasis on nail shapes than ever before. Become more familiar with tips on square, round, almond and stiletto nail shapes.

Nicki Minaj's baby pink, stiletto shaped nails.
Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Square nails are versatile and can look good on any nail length. They tend to be durable, especially when worn on shorter nails. The durability of square nails makes them an easy to maintain. Square nails are perfect for everyday and special occasions.

Nails with round tips have an elegant and polished overall look. Round nails are especially nice looking on shorter nail lengths but look good on longer nails as well. Half-moon manicures and nail art detailing stand out on round shaped nails.

Almond nail shapes resemble round tips with a subtle twist. This is a feminine nail shape that makes the hands appear delicate and slimmer. The almond nail shape is limited to longer nail lengths but the look is fashionable and appealing.

The stiletto nail shape only works on long nails. This long, pointy nail shape is very popular and although stiletto nails are bold and extreme, they have made their way into everyday wear. Since stiletto nails are naturally bold, they tend to look best with single polish looks and simple embellishments.

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