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Nail fashion tips from the pros: Bring home the salon with DIY nail art

Bring the salon home and create nail fashion with KISS DIY Nail Art Kits. Celebrity manicurist Gina Edwards and international nail artist /designer Masako Sasaki have provided the Hair and Nails Examiner with tips and tricks on how to recreate the nail art seen in the slideshow.

Read the article to learn how to recreate these looks from professional nail artists that used KISS Salon Secrets Starter Kits.
Create salon-worthy nail art at home with KISS Salon Secrets Nail Art Kits.

Don’t hold back when it comes to nail art. Instead make a statement with bold colors and layers of sparkles that is created at-home using KISS Salon Secrets with the help of celebrity manicurist, Gina Edwards, who performs nail magic on the runways and on starlets. Find your nail inspiration with these expert tips from Gina who designed the blue crisscross gem encrusted nail art.

  • Dab the dotting tool with the topcoat to pick up rhinestones or jewels. This helps them ‘stick’ to the tool so you can easily place them onto the nail.
  • Don’t worry about length when using foil tape; use cuticle scissors to cut excess after your pattern is in place.
  • You can never use enough glitter!
  • If applying glitter to an imPRESS shade, paint the clear base/top coat onto the area you plan to apply the glitter to make it stick

Masako Sasaki is an award-winning, international nail expert whose innovative work has been featured on the runways of NYFW and in top fashion magazines. Follow her tips below on how to perfect the sparkly garden color nails as seen in the slideshow.

  • When applying glitter to concentrated areas of the nail, use the flat brush dampened in a bit of polish remover to pick up the glitter; pat designated area with the tip of the brush.
  • Always tap off excess glitter on a piece of paper or paper towel, and then return the extra to the container.

The benefits of the nail art kits from KISS are as follows.

  1. Salon-inspired nail art kit with at-home convenience.
  2. Design booklet with step-by-step directions from professional nail artists, which include Gina Edwards, Patricia Yankee, and Masako Sasaki.
  3. The kits boast the largest assortment of differing art components.
  4. Can be used with imPRESS Press-On Manicure or your favorite color polish.

The nail art kits come with an assortment of tools to recreate salon nails at home.

  1. Three nail art brushes to create unique designs, or gather glitter to lay onto nails with precision.
  2. Dotting tool to draw perfect dots and create intricate swirl designs.
  3. Foil tape creates accented patterns and shapes, or outlines polished nail designs.
  4. Pre-cut nail art sheet and design decals create one-of-a-kind looks.
  5. Faux rhinestone sticker sheet and charms create accents or jeweled looks.
  6. Six HD glitter package elaborates your nail art looks through layering glitter. Carefully place glitter shapes onto the nails to create intricate looks with textured effects.
  7. Topcoat seals in nail art particles and designs.
  8. The pro design booklet comes with step-by-step directions from professional nail artists to guide you in your at-home DIY nail fashion.

The nail art depicted in the slideshow was created with KISS Salon Secrets Nail Art Starter Kit. The nail products are affordable and available nationwide at Walgreens and CVS, perfect for the DIY nail art fanatic.

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