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Nagging early grave: A nagging partner can result in early death, especially men

Nagging is hazardous to your health especially if you are a man.
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That old “ball and chain” and all the nagging that goes along with it isn’t a joke anymore, according to this new study on people dying early after putting up with nagging from their mates. Men are more prone to an early death than women after living with a partner who nags. A study out of the University of Copenhagen has the world’s attention today as nagging is seen as hazardous to your health, especially if you are a man, reports the Canada Journal on May 11.

The study followed 9,875 men and women who ranged in age from 36-52 for 11 years. Those who reported on their initial intake that they were exposed to stressful situations and demands from their spouse or mate died earlier than those who did not. The biggest majority of deaths occurred in men.

According to this study, “people who had frequent worries and demands from a partner had a 50-100 percent increased mortality risk. Men were the most at risk, according AOL News. The study group had four percent of the women and six percent of the men dying early under these stressful circumstances.

Men tended to respond to stress by creating more cortisol in their system. This is a hormone which is linked to poor health.

Why were the men most at risk of dying after being nagged by their spouse or mate? The author of the study at University of Copenhagen, Dr Rikke Lund, said:

“Men also have fewer people in their social network than women who tend to share their problems and worries with more people.”

The study also found that for the men, who were nagged at home, going to work helped. They were able to get away from their partners that nagged at least for a little bit of a respite. The study also suggested that men who are unemployed and frequently nagged while at home were “even more likely to die.”

Frequent demands from mates could account for 315 deaths per year out of 100,000 people. Frequent demands and worries from mates when they are out of work could account for 462 deaths per year per 100,000. Yes, nagging is hazardous to your health!

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