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Nadya "Octomom" Suleman soul contract and hidden files

Octomom Nadya Suleman wow now here is a soul’s contract that makes us sit back and really reflect on our own lives. When we look at sour souls contract we find that everything that we have journeyed in this life we can see where we have said "this is what I shall accomplish and learn while I am on Mother Earth". Nadya Suleman the Octomom has a powerful one for the world, do you?

Soul Contract…

A learning or understanding to find out why you are here, what were the decisions you made to bring you here, what did you understand before you incarnated here and why in the world would you choose half of the things you have chosen if you knew it would play out as it did? If those are any of the few questions you have been asking yourself, please look around you to see you are not alone. We all come to the time in our physical life that we stop and ask in seriousness all of these questions and more. If you think about it right now, you even asked these questions to yourself when you were younger and never even thought more about it until now.

A soul contract is a very sacred agreement that you have made with the Universe and your soul to direct, steer and caution you of all things before your own divinity plays out in the realm you have chosen. There is Sacredness when it comes to your soul contract that connects you on several levels of your being. A knowing that you have lived and experienced many lifetimes for which you have created, chosen and designed your soul’s contracts for each one. It actually never ends…going from one life existence to another just as we move from one classroom of life to another.

You chose each day the direction you go. Do you not? If this is the case, then so too you chose that which you step into… before you step into it!

We have every choice before us that we ourselves have created. It will take you this whole lifetime of learning or your quick ascension into development to really understand this. When you can leave all behind you of this physical world you will see that the way we see choices as spiritual beings and those of a physical being are vastly different.

In looking at this think, of a time when you had a choice between a slice of chocolate cheesecake and an apple, which one did or would you choose? One to satisfy your desire or one to satisfy your appetite? As there is a difference in these two, moreover, is the difference in how your perception is between this world and next.

When we take a look at all the attention Nadya Suleman gets it brings me to say, "you have chosen to be seen and not seen in this lifetime and the souls that have chosen you to be their mom in this physical incarnation have chosen to be a part of a bigger life picture on how the world is viewed. She has a wealth of a collective consciousness within the walls of her home. As babies/children are known to be all abundant and abundantly so will their views and soul contracts.

We look at children as innocent to their surroundings until we take them under our wings and guide them in life. To be a part of a bigger consciousness (especially with this family) is to show there is a huge world out there and this is how we view it. And this is how the world at large views those who live among them. Can you imagine what these little ones will say as they grow older? We came as innocent as the next, we came to see the struggles of the world and to build, create and learn just as you…we came to show the world how they judge and struggle with one who gave, took and then is paying her dues. We came to change the world, how about you?

For is not Nadya "Octomom" Suleman paying her dues each day for the choices she has made? She now has gotten to where she has filed bankruptcy to move on in a new drection. As Nadya extends out her energy with the choices and directions in which this has all played out and I for one wish her well in all she does. It is not easy being a high profiled individual in today’s society much less a Mom. Her challenges are great and many. Just as you seek a new beginning so too does she as she files for bankruptcy. A new beginning a clean fresh start. Even if she is working on a contract to do what others may call immorale to keep her family together I cannot judge with her for doing so. It is her Soul Contract, she is displaying it for the world to view.

I have to say, I find it amazing how one can judge when they have not looked at their own judgment. In a society that faithfully praises their own worth and value, to then hide from their own junk. That they will then judge one who is making their soul contract come to life in the most viewed way. I have to then give this woman credit as the world is not a nice place if one does not conform to its dictates.

It brings to mind the bully, who does not work as hard as you, but wants to make sure he/she takes from you everything you have worked for so that you do not see they do not work. The bully then likes to beat you up so that you will always know they are there and see them as superior. For if you took the chance to see the bully in truth, you would see the bully has nothing to offer the world at large, but what the bully does to you.

In saying this, I am not saying Nadya made the best choices in her life, who does? What I am saying is that no one has always made the best choices but they have been graced with the way in which to hide it from the population sight in major ways. How can you hide the fact that here is a woman who has this many children? And if there was truly a masculine figure with her, none of this would even be an issue. They would be just like any other mom and dad raising their children. And then reality TV would be seeking them out to show the world how they deal with that many children in their day to day life. And you would enjoy it and be grateful you did not choose to raise that many children yourself. Unfortunately we can say it did not work out the way the Nadya had originally thought. Nevertheless I, just as you, did not in walk her shoes when her choices were originally made. But we are all a part in one way or another of her soul contract, for all of it has been placed for the world to view.

It is Nadya’s "Ocotmom" Sulemans Soul Contract….Take the time to look at your foundation, your house, your life and your own Soul Contract to see why you are really here, what you are here to do and why you have chosen to simplify your physical life and not challenge it in a more loving and creative way. Will she be allowed to make that choice from her own Soul Contract or will the world take that away…………


Love, Laughter & Light, Adele Marie

All Rights Reserved Copyright©2012 Adele Marie- Angelic Wise Ones

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