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Nadella leads Microsoft to a new productivity based culture

The new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is bringing his cloud based expertise into the new paradigm that he plans for Microsoft, reports The New York Times today. Nadella presented a paper this morning to the employees outlining the future changes for Microsoft and its vision.

Satya Nadella Delivers Opening Keynote At Microsoft Build Conference
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Nadella presented in the 3,100 word email this morning to employees a mission to be an efficiently run company with easy flow of information which translates to ready communication and response to customer needs. It will be a culture change that meets the fast paced technology world of the cloud environment with the emphasis to provide for the customer obsessed attention by Microsoft high technology.

“The mobile-first and cloud-first world, we will modernize our engineering processes to be customer-obsessed, data-driven, speed-oriented and quality-focused," Nadella wrote in his message.

It is unknown if layoffs will occur as the company has 100,000 employees which absorbed the 25,000 Nokia employees in its 7.2 billion purchase earlier this year. Nadella refuses to comment on it at this time but it is a new scenario.

Microsoft began its change earlier in the year as Nadella was announced as the replacement to Steven Ballmer as CEO. The focus began its acknowledged shit from hardware to cloud computing services and Office software for organizations which rose 10 percent to $12.67 billion or more than half of the total 2013 annual revenue.

Along with the change in revenue demand driven sectors, Nadella gave note in the message today that Microsoft staffers must be open to change. He emphasized that, "Organizations will change. Mergers and acquisitions will occur. Job responsibilities will evolve. New partnerships will be formed. Tired traditions will be questioned.”

Data quality, speed, and efficiency with attention driven by customer demand will be the mandate at Microsoft. The previous misses in the tablet market and the emphasis on the Surface product in the new customer market of demand will drive technology emphasis on services from the products.

Cortana, the Microsoft virtual assistant is an example of high productivity. The virtual assistant is the kind of ambitious technologies he wants Microsoft to produce. It automatically displays the customer’s record on the screen for the Microsoft salesperson as the meeting ends and requires an update record entry. Efficiency and highest attention to customer service detail will be driven by the technology.

Nadella’s commitment to the market driven demand is acknowledge by him in his wording in his message to, "be more effective in predicting and understanding what our customers need and more nimble in adjusting to information we get from the market"

It is a new paradigm for Microsoft and a cultural change to high productivity driven by technology with accent on the hand of constant customer service.

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