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When someone mentions the term "social media", the first thing that usually comes to mind is Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, and Instagram, but recently, "Naaraa" has generated a large international buzz, in regards to social media platform interests. Recently, I met with representatives from "", to find out more about this new and trending social networking site. Several of the responses below are those of "Fabfabio Williams", the founder of "". Below is the insert from that meeting.

What inspired you to create
I got tired of the wrong pictures and comments ending up in the wrong places on the internet, and not having control of it. I got tired of being targeted and tracked – social media was becoming a scary place. I didn’t feel free or safe any longer. It was no longer cool and fun, and I wanted to do something about it, so and I created to change the world. I pretty much wanted to promote a freer social network site, where users and their rights would take president.

What is the mission statement for
A smarter way to discover the world and stay connected, securely, privately and safely.

When and where did you start, and how did you get started? was founded in the United States, and launched out of the Netherlands, in early 2011.

What can you share about the creation of was created in the United States, but I have friends from all over the world who aided in the launch of It is due to great efforts, sacrifices, and team work that made this possible. The story of is the story of my life, and the lives of my friends around the world. It was a mix of work, play, and sometimes sadness. The story of is no perfect story; more things went wrong that could have easily destroyed the dream, than things that went right. I almost lost the many times, and I almost lost myself a few times. The negatives were so high, and the positives so few, but never once did I ever think about giving up … never. I never felt that this was something I had to do. I felt that I did not have a choice, my life depended on it, the world needed it, and that it had to be done.

Why the name Naaraa?
Why not Why Google? Why Facebook? Why Yahoo? Why Linkedin? Why not Some said the name Naaraa wouldn’t work in USA, and that I should change it, but has users from all of the world, including the United States, Europe, South America, Asia, and the middle east, and it’s base of users geographically are increasing every day.

What are your dreams and aspiration for is the next generation of social media and networking, because everybody can identify with it regardless of race, color, religion, social status, culture, and more. More importantly, people can use it as a tool to make lives better. We want the world to choose because of its value. It was created to make the world a better place for all of us by keeping us more connected safely, securely, and more privately than ever before.

What is your educational background?
I have a computer science background.

What differentiates from other social media companies? provides the only platform that allows you to live your private, social, and professional life all in one place, without the fear of intrusive information sharing, and data hacking. What sets’ apart is our comprehensive and secure design that allows users to not only compartmentalizes their digital life, but also to share in Naaraa’s success. Imagine being able to connect and interact with friends and family one minute, and with colleagues and professionals the next. Now imagine making money while doing it. With Naaraa’s profit sharing structure, users can make money by participating in certain aspects of the platform.’s amazing features are endless.

Please describe your company, especially the privacy issue and how you protect your users? users are not exposed to internet search engines. does not share user’s information with anybody what so ever, or sell it. Users can balance their life in using, Friends/Family in BearHUGS, Social in PartyHARD, and Professional in Pros. Just because we live in a digital age doesn’t mean we have to risk our online privacy.

Where do you see in the next five to ten years?
We want to be the social media and networking platform that puts users and interests first. We want to be number #1 as it relates to social media, and all media for that matter.

Can you describe your main users?
We are a media advertising, marketing, and creative services company first, and our users are all; any company in the world, that would like to measurably increase the margins, growth, talent pool, visibility, clients, and revenue base/sources. Any and all companies in the world are potential users.

Why do people select over other social networking sites?
The relationships in are more real, more connected, better measured in terms of return on investment, for any company. The business model automatically achieves repeat business.

What is the future outlook for
We will align with the right partners and build the right relationships. We want to be the best value for our users and those who do business with us, and we want to stick to our model of putting users first while creating content that makes sense. We want to help people in their lives, while remaining very profitable.

Are you open to investors?
Of course, we are always open to serious investors.

What is the best way for potential investors to contact?
Press and Investor Contacts: Tara Hooey / Ulmaria Costa
Phone: 310-850-3399 / 404-759-7029

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