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NAACP Plans to Honor a Racist AGAIN

Did LA Clippers owner buy his NAACP award?
Did LA Clippers owner buy his NAACP award?
Photo by Ronald Martinez

The NAACP plans to honor Donald Sterling for his contributions to African-American youth have been changed since the release of an audio tape revealing the extreme racial views of their candidate.

But, why wasn't the NAACP aware that Donald Sterling has a reputation for being a racist?

Donald Sterling is the Jewish owner of the LA Clippers who was heard on tape this weekend as he expressed extreme loathing for Black people to his then girlfriend V.Stiviano.

Despite public record that Sterling has twice been sued and settled out of court on cases relating to refusing to rent to minorities, he was again nominated for the NAACP award.

Does the NAACP know about these prior incidents? Why would the NAACP plan to honor this man? There must be something that the general public does not know.

The opinions of Donald Sterling were supposedly captured on tape last year by the now estranged girlfriend, V. Stiviano, who is an American Collaborative of Black and Latino descent. Sterling's choice for his paramour makes disgusting sense.

For those who have not heard the tape, which the former girlfriend V. Stiviano denies releasing, here is a link from

As appalling as the diatribe sounds and given Sterling’s reputation for racist behavior in the past; including a lawsuit filed against him by NBA legend Elgin Baylor, it is difficult to understand why the NAACP has already given Sterling a previous Humanitarian Award for his contributions to minorities and planned to bestow upon him another.

Maybe not too difficult.

Perhaps those 'contributions’ amount to actual cash payoffs to the NAACP and Donald Sterling did not earn his accolades, he bought them. Just like Sterling bought the LA Clippers and regards the team players in the same manner as former plantation owners viewed the slaves they owned.

To paraphrase, Sterling says on tape to V.Stiviano (unaware of being recorded), I take care of them. I feed them and clothe them. I buy their cars and their homes... but don’t bring Blacks to my games or post pictures of you (online) with Blacks …

If it is proven that this recorded voice is indeed the voice of the LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling, so what? There are no laws that govern the behavior of team owners. The new NBA commissioner Adam Silver has not proposed any rules to establish a code of conduct for team owners. He can say whatever he likes in the privacy of his own home or the home he bought for his mistress.

The primarily Black team of athletes who are the LA Clippers expressed their disdain for the comments made by their owner by dumping their team jackets into a pile on the court and turning their uniform shirts inside out to decry the owner during warm ups.

The 32 other owners of professional NBA teams could cluck their teeth and wag their fingers at Sterling, but could they oust him with only harsh words? Michael Jordan, owner of the Charlotte Bobcats and the only Black owner of an NBA team, is so far the only owner with a comment. Jordan expressed his disgust with Sterling's comments, reported from The Huffington Post.

Fans could express their outrage by refusing to attend another Clippers game until Sterling is removed. That’s what Magic Johnson has vowed. The LA City Council has voted to refuse advertising for Sterling. Such actions would probably hurt the team players and jeopardize their income more than it would affect the billionaire racist.

President Obama commented on the situation, with the Sterling tape saying in part that great strides have been made against pervasive racism in America but ignorant people will always exist.

Ignorant is how the people at the NAACP should feel for having previously honored this moral degenerate and having planned to repeat the undeserved award. Perhaps the NAACP thinks the American Colored People are ignorant.

TMZ was first to break the story over the weekend.

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