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NAACP board member says he's sick of conservatives arguing for 'freedom'

While speaking at the far-left wing Netroots Nation conference, Rev. William Barber II, a board member of the NAACP and president of the North Carolina state NAACP, said he was sick of conservatives using "freedom" as the basis for their policy positions, Red Alert Politics reported Sunday.

Rev. William Barber at Netroots Nation
Screengrab/Netroots Nation

“We need to recover the first moral principle of our constitution. It’s not freedom," he said in a speech lasting more than an hour. "The first moral principle of the constitution is the establishment of justice.”

"I get so bothered every time politicians run for office" citing "freedom," he added. Barber offered a laundry list of issues he claims politicians, presumably Republican, oppose because of "freedom."

"Just 'freedom, freedom, freedom,'" he added, failing to name names. "They haven't even read their own Constitution."

Ironically, Barber's own organization, the NAACP, has blocked blacked conservatives from speaking at its conventions. As we reported earlier Monday, black representatives of FreedomWorks were met with open hostility at this year's convention.

Barber is no stranger to controversy. In April 2013, he was led away in handcuffs after blocking the doors to the North Carolina state Senate, sparking what has been called "Moral Monday" protests. According to Mother Jones, over 900 have been arrested in the last year and the progressive protest movement has spread to other states like Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.

Barber also opposes laws designed to prevent voter fraud. In 2013, he accused Republicans of crucifying voter rights by requiring ID at polling places and reducing the number of early voting days. In April, we reported that evidence of massive voter fraud was uncovered in the state.

Netroots Nation said Barber's speech “set the tone” for the rest of the conference, Ashley Dobson said.

"If that’s the case," she added, "I’m not sure I could have stomached what followed." Video of Barber's comments can be seen above.

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