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Na wahine festival - register today!

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This big event is only five weeks away on September 14, 2014. With four events to choose from, live entertainment, KC's famous Dance Off and other planned surprises, the 16th Anniversary of the Na Wahine Festival is not to be missed. Register today!

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Ladies Night

This special after hours evening includes previews of new cycling clothing for women from She Beast and Salty Coconut. You will also meet Try Fitness owner and Na Wahine Festival Director, KC Carlberg and members of the Red Hot Ladies to talk about women and cycling.

Join the crew for a fun night with the ladies. Call (808) 732-7227 for more details.

Na Wahine Swim Route

Check out the Na Wahine swim route here.

Quick and Dirty Sprint Triathlon Training Tips

  • Practice your transitions. During a triathlon, athletes must change their gear and equipment between the swim and the bike legs and again between the bike and the run. Practicing transitions beforehand will minimize the time you spend in T1 and T2.
  • Perform race-specific training including swimming, biking and running. Keep your race volume race specific; do not do more than you need do and for sprints, work on your speed.
  • Perform brick training, doing at least 2 of the 3 sports a few times per week. Brick training allows you to experience how your body will likely feel during the race, helping you to anticipate and adapt to prep for the changes from swim to bike and bike to run.
  • Prepare for race week by reducing the intensity and volume of your training while also keeping your nutrition clean and in moderation. Training during the week of their race will not make you more physically fit, faster or stronger - rather, the opposite is true; therefore, reduce your triathlon training by 30 percent.

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