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N.J. parking lot brawl leads to woman's finger almost bitten off

Cherry Hill Police Department
Cherry Hill Police Department
Police are searching for this “finger biter” and say she could face aggravated assault charges.

Is the race to a parking space really worth sacrificing a digit? That’s what two women in New Jersey have to be asking themselves today after a mall brawl touched off by a parking space dispute led to one deranged woman biting, and almost severing, the finger off a rival driver.

According to a report today by The Associated Press, as carried by MSN News, a “dispute over a parking spot at a southern New Jersey mall ended when a woman bit and almost severed the finger of another driver.”

The dispute happened Saturday at the Cherry Hill Mall in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, outside a Nordstrom fashion retailer store.

The victim, 42-year-old Philadelphia woman Tanya Knight, allegedly was confronted in the parking lot by two other women who say Knight stole their parking spot. A physical altercation ensued, and Knight’s finger was chomped on so hard that her finger was practically snapped from the bone.

“All of a sudden, I must have been pushing the initial attacker away and she bit down on my finger and proceeded to chomp. By the time I looked at it, it was hanging off by a little piece of skin. I immediately picked up my cell, called 911 and followed her into the Nordstroms,” said Knight.

The suspect then ran from Knight and has yet to be caught.

Knight was taken to Cooper University Hospital in Camden. She has yet to learn if the tip of her finger can be saved.

Police say the suspect in the surveillance photo, seen above, is thought to be driving an older-model, dark Audi sedan. Police say the attacker is a black female in her mid-thirties, heavy set build with "bushy" hair. Anyone who witnessed the dispute or can identify the woman is asked to call the Cherry Hill Police Department at (856) 488-7828.

"This is a very big deal, beyond an assault. She went through to the bone, the bone is actually fractured, and the finger was nearly severed. This is an aggravated assault and it's something very serious. You're always concerned with bites, also with infections. The victim is still in the hospital," said Lt. Amy Winters of the Cherry Hill Police.

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