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N.J. cop on video: If Obama 'doesn’t follow the Constitution, we don’t have to'

Call it a disturbing sign of the times in which we live. In a shocking video posted Wednesday at, a New Jersey police officer is seen telling animal rights activist Steve Wronko that since Barack Obama doesn't follow the Constitution, he doesn't have to either.

Police officer tells citizen he doesn't have to follow the Constitution because Obama doesn't.

Debra Heine said Wronko approached the Helmetta Police Department with a list of complaints regarding the Helmetta Regional Animal Shelter and to lodge complaints about perceived violations of his Constitutional rights. The police officer in the video, however, made it clear in no uncertain terns that he didn't care.

“I’ve made you objections (sic) about what’s going on at the shelter over there," Wronko said. "My 1st and 4th Amendment rights were violated - my civil rights were violated.”

“Obama just decimated the freakin’ Constitution, so I don’t give a damn," the officer told Wronko. "If he doesn’t follow the Constitution, we don’t have to.”

Toward the end of the video, Wronko is escorted out of police headquarters. The officer informed him that if he didn't leave, he would be arrested. According to the YouTube description, some of the video was shot by 13-year-old Erin Wronko.

According to a post at Photography is not a Crime, this is not the first time the local police department has come under fire. In March 2013, former police director Andrew Ely alleged in a lawsuit that the mayor ordered police to issue tickets to drivers going five miles per hour, but only if they lived outside city limits. Ely said he was locked out of the department after making the allegation and later resigned.

In March 2014, said a third lawsuit alleging the targeting of out-of-town drivers was filed. George Kosanovich, the former officer who made the allegation, also claimed he was bullied for being gay.

"Welcome to Obama's America," Heine wrote. Video of the encounter can be seen above.

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