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N.C. monster: Hunter kills 500-pound wild hog

Forget Bigfoot; there was a 500-pound wild hog wandering around in North Carolina for several years until one skilled hunter shot him last month. According to a March 13 article on Newsmax, Jett Webb shot the massive hog and plans to fill his family's freezer with his catch which was more than eight feet long. He estimates that this meat will feed his family for a year.

N.C. hunter Jett Webb said he had no idea something this big was running around in North Carolina.

You can see the huge hog in the video above, and it is truly shocking to know that something this large was roaming through the hills of Eastern North Carolina. Of course, there are probably more of them out there. This particular wild hog had been spotted for several years on game cameras in the area.

Wild hogs have become a significant problem in many areas of the country. They can be quite aggressive, and they destroy farmland and crops.

In honesty, this writer would rather run up on Bigfoot in the nearby N.C. mountains than this monstrous wild hog.

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