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Myths of Blind and Online Dating


It doesn't have to be this way!



Meeting someone you’ve met online for the first time or being set up on a blind date can be a stressful, yet exciting time. While some people would rather spend their nights alone then with a virtual stranger, a first date can be enjoyable once some myths have been dispelled.

  1. Only desperate people go on blind dates or use online services.
    Our busy lives bring fewer chances to spontaneously meet new people. In fact, the number of married couples who met their future mate at a club or school is the minority. Before online dating, most couples were introduced by friends or family. But today, with easy access to millions of dating profiles, the opportunities are endless.
  2. It only takes five minutes with someone to feel a connection, not an entire evening.
    If first impressions are the determining factor in deciding whether you are interested in someone, you will be spending a lot of time alone. Instant connections and love at first site are rare. Going on a first date can bring out the jitters in anyone. Most people attempt to put on the façade that they think will be most attractive and sometimes miss the mark. Allowing time for conversation in a relaxed environment will give you a better picture of the person behind the façade. Don’t allow first impressions to get in the way of a potential relationship.  
  3. If you don’t feel a physical attraction, you might as well move on.
    Infatuation brings an intense feeling of physical attraction, but being infatuated is not the same as connecting with someone. Attraction is more than physical; we also connect emotionally, spiritually and intellectually. Many of us have a wish list of the kind of person we hope to meet; when we are introduced to someone who doesn’t fit that bill it may take some time to appreciate his or her qualities. When we begin to feel attracted to other qualities and like the person for whom they are, we may find that we come to appreciate their physical appearance, too.

For more info: If you aren't receiving responses or the ones you are getting don't meet your expectations, don't despair. Every dating site has a different database. It may be time to start over with a different dating sites. For comparisons on the best dating services online, visit Date Showcase: Compare Online Dating Sites to help make the right decision on where to post your ad.


  • Curt 5 years ago

    I've always been nervous about blind dates; what if my wife finds out??

  • Chrystal-Detroit Single Christians Examiner 5 years ago

    Very informative article with great advice!

  • Sharon-Detroit Single Women Adviser 5 years ago

    Good Advise. Keep it coming.

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