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Myths and Mayhem emerge this weekend at San Jose Fantasy Faire

Yesterday more than 1,000 San Jose residents ventured to the Arena Green area of Guadalupe River Park to play and partake of the 2nd annual San Jose Fantasy Faire. Running Saturday and today, the event sports a park full of colorful characters, artisans, stage acts and street performers. We encountered a delightful range of characters comprised of both the event’s actors as well as other attendees who decided to use the opportunity to dress up to showcase their fondness for anything from Steampunk pirates to fairies to Dr. Who.

The Faire runs Saturday from 10am - 6pm and Sunday from 10am - 5pm.
San Jose Fantasy Faire/Perry Louie
Anna and Merida enjoy the Saturday sun
San Jose Fantasy Faire/Perry Louie

Continuing today from 10am until 5pm, the event is a family friendly experience that is affordable as well as geared towards entertaining and engaging with an audience of all ages and backgrounds. “We have tried to create an event that is affordable as well as suitable for the entire family,” said event producer Marti Miernik. “When the phrase family-friendly is used, it too often really means ‘kid focused’, and we have tried to create something that has aspects that appeals and has something for everyone.”

Created as a complimentary event to their Fall San Jose Renaissance Faire, the event uses the ambiance of the part and a colorful array of street characters to set the stage. Princes Charming as well as Princesses from across the mythologies walk the Faire, including Anna and Elsa from Frozen, Hobbits from the works of Tolkien, pirates from the seas as well as the skies for Steampunk fans.

There’s a row of food vendors who were doing a brisk business, including the ever-popular massive Turkey Legs. The sun came out in the late morning making it a great way to have spent Saturday afternoon. The giant life-sized rocking horses enjoyed a steady line comprised of just as many adults as children as people climbed up to the shoulders which stand over 6’ tall at the shoulder.

One young attendee kept turning in circles, smiling from ear to ear as they tried to spot and name all of the characters they were seeing. A princess Anna saw her and came over and knelt down and there were hugs and smiles all around.

We’ll be headed back out again to check out the second day of the event, and suggest coming on out and joining in the fun. Marti commented, “Costumes are always welcome, but by no means required.” Tickets can be purchased both online and at the gate.

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