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Myths about the left when it comes to the military

I was reading the column of a conservative columnist and he wrote that, "the left may be anti-military." But what is the military? It is a means. It is a means to defend our border, perform certain missions that require the use of force. It does not exist in of itself.

Virtually no one on the left believes we should completely disband the military. Those on the left are usually more supportive of a smaller military than those on the right, but with good reason.

Our military spending is driven by military contractors and their lobbyists who give millions every year to members of the U.S. Congress. Why, because they are such great guys and women, and wear flag pins? No, to increase military spending. President Eisenhower warned us over half a century ago to be wary of the "military industrial complex."

Our total military related spending is about $1.3 trillion dollars, when you include all related spending, such as nuclear missile research, the NSA and especially interest on the federal debt generated from military spending.

So yes, the left might have "support the troops" ribbons on their cars (a meaningless phrase anyway because as I stated the military is a means and not an end) but they are much more budget hawks than those on the right-wing, who often seem to fear invasion from every nation on earth, including Monaco, for all I know.

This is even though we spend almost as much as the rest of the world combined on the military, and much of the rest consists of allies like Britain, Germany, Canada, Japan and Australia.

Finally, the same columnist stated the left rolls its' eyes at the term, "family values." Well, since family values for the last 20 plus years has been just another name for being anti-gay, and ironically anti-gay families, there is a good reason for that.