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'Mythbusters' fires three cast members: Who isn't coming back?

In shocking news, "Mythbusters" ended their season on a strange note tonight. At the end of the show, it was announced that three of the cast members won't be coming back again. On Thursday night, Reality Blurred shared about how it all ended tonight. It looks like Tori, Kary and Grant are out, but Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman will be returning next season. They will be the only ones though.

Jamie and Adam
Photo by John M. Heller/Getty Images

The thing is that they are not admitting why they aren't bringing them back. You have to wonder it if it has to do with revenue. It has to cost a lot to pay them to do this job. The other thing is that they will probably be doing less myths each and every week without the extra group of hosts. It will change the show up for sure. These three will be missed.

Business 2 Community also shared about this big change and how upset fans are to hear about it. Fans went to social networks tonight to express how upset they are about this change. It is even being called one of the worst decisions in television by some of the fans. They are not happy and they could lose viewers over this decision.

"Mythbusters" will be returning for another season but it will be without Tori, Kary and Grant. They are all speaking out saying thank you on Twitter, but aren't saying what happened. Fans may never know why they don't want to bring them back next season. Viewers will be following these three to wherever they might end up next.

Update: What do fans have to say?

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